Saturday, June 25, 2011


At $8 a pound at Elephant's Delicatessen, this pasta salad was doing some damage on the wallet.  So simple and somehow toddler friendly, this has quickly become a favorite meal of AJ's.  And so simple and inexpensive, yet impressive, it has quickly become a favorite of mine on the potluck scene. 

Caprese Pasta Salad
Makes 15 servings

1 pound ditalini pasta
1 pound mozzarella
1.5 lb grape tomatoes
4 oz basil, chopped
Olive Oil

Prepare ditalini pasta as directed.  While pasta is cooking, slice grape tomatoesand mozzarella into pieces similar in size. 

Mix pasta, tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil with olive oil until coated.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

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  1. I love it too! Thank you for adding the recipe! I am making it right now and putting in cute take out containers for a picnic. I was checking the internet n hopes of finding the Elephant's recipe for their Caprese Salad! I will still go to Elephant's and buy a bunch because that is part of the Elephant's deli experience, but I really wanted to make it at home, too! Thank you, thank you for posting!